Calton Hill developed a patented end to end solution called SecureSharing that enables protected digital content to be distributed on a secure micro-SD card that can be shared between a number of people.

The card contains digital video and music content and the rights to play it. The rights are stored on the card and the card can be shared or gifted to others. The rights remain protected at all times. Additional content, rights and licenses can be purchased and downloaded by host devices (e.g. mobile phones) for storage on the card.

SecureSharing is compliant with the industry standard OMA DRM v2.0. It uses SanDisk TrustedFlash cards and requires host devices to contain a GlobalPlatform compliant Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) such as the Texas Instruments M-Shield security technology.

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Calton Hill developed an end to end solution called SecureCard that delivers digital content that is preloaded on a secure micro-SD card. Unlike the SecureSharing solution described above, the card cannot be shared. When the card is inserted into a host device, the card ties itself to that device and can then only be used in that one device.

SecureCard uses SanDisk TrustedFlash cards. It does not require any special security technology on the host device, so it is compatible with a wide range of devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, DVD players and set-top boxes.

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Secure OTA Upgrade

Calton Hill worked together with Vodafone, Texas Instruments and Trusted Logic to develop a Secure OTA Upgrade solution. This allows upgrades to applications that require strong security to be distributed over-the-air (OTA) without compromising the security of the application. This makes it much quicker, easier and cheaper to upgrade mobile phone handsets in the field.

The solution uses Texas Instruments M-Shield security technology in the handsets. Calton Hill's role in the project was to develop a 2-part DRM Agent that controls access to protected digital content and rights. One part interfaces to a media player on the handset. The other part runs in a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) provided by M-Shield and ensures security of the content and rights. The DRM Agent is compliant with the industry standard OMA DRM v2.0.

For futher details see the technical sheet on
Secure OTA Upgrade.

EMV Chip and PIN

Calton Hill developed an EMV chip and PIN payments application in partnership with Verifone and VISA.

The application was compliant with the STIP standards for inter-operable payment devices. Initially we developed and tested it in on Verifone terminals, then ported it to other manufacturers' terminals to prove interoperability. VISA obtained EMV certification for the SmartPOS software module used by this application.