Calton Hill - Company Information

Calton Hill Ltd is an independent software development and consultancy company. We have three particular areas of expertise:

Android Smartphone Application Development

We have developed a number of Android apps including: Content Protection and Digital Rights Management

We have developed a number of applications of GlobalPlatform technology in the fields of content protection and Digital Rights Management (DRM) including:
  • SecureSharing - a DRM solution allowing content to be shared between users of a secure micro-SD card without risk of the content or rights being copied or violated
  • SecureCard - a content protection solution allowing content to be distributed on a secure micro-SD card but tied to a particular play-back device when first played
  • Secure OTA Upgrade - a solution allowing a mobile operator to distribute upgrades to a DRM application over-the-air (OTA) without compromising the security of the application or the content or rights it controls
Payment Applications and EFT-POS Devices

We worked closely with VISA and a number of EFT-POS manufacturers in specifying the STIP standards for inter-operable payment devices. We developed a number of payment applications, including EMV chip and PIN payments using VISA's STIP-based SmartPOS software.

How can we help You?

We offer software development and consultancy services covering all the areas mentioned above. Please contact us now for an informal discussion about how we could help your business.

If you are a golfer or walker, please see the pages dedicated you our Golf Apps and Walking Apps.